BOG Spearheads Relief Fund To Distressed Family In Ikorodu

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BOG Spearheads Relief Fund To Distressed Family In Ikorodu

The Chairman of the prestigious Amen Estate and owner of Redbrick Homes International Ltd, Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi, popularly known as BOG has come to the rescue of a distressed family in Ikorodu who due to the three weeks long lockdown ordered by the Federal Government of Nigeria have not been able to buy food and drugs.

In a video shared widely on social media, the Kalejaiye family of Lowa Street behind Access Bank Ikorodu, Lagos, had called out the Lagos State and Federal Government over the unfair disbursement of their purported palliatives that is not getting to people at the grassroots.

Swiftly responding to the clarion call of the vulnerable residents in Ikorodu, Gbadamosi who is a member of the opposition’s Peoples Democratic Party, delegated his loyalists to meet with the elderly citizens in the viral video and provide them with money to buy drugs and food items to sustain the imposed lockdown.

Visibly happy members of the family pray for Babatinde Olalere Gbadamosi via video call at their resident after the cash donation

BOG in his generosity also identified few elderly citizens in the Lowa area to give palliative supports to survive the lockdown while calling on the ruling All Progressives Congress to rethink the lockdown directive as it is not only killing the economy of the country but also subjecting people who are vulnerable to further hardship.



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