Lagos Guber Hopeful, BOG Kicks Against Jimi Agbaje’s Candidacy For PDP Chair

Lagos Guber Hopeful, BOG Kicks Against Jimi Agbaje’s Candidacy For PDP Chair

Former People’s Democratic Party, PDP gubernatorial aspirant in Lagos State, Babatunde O Gbadamosi, BOG have called out the party’s flag bearer at the last election, Jimi Agbaje for thinking of vying for the top position in the party.

In a well articulated post, the Lagos politician stated reasons why he thinks the runner up to last gubernatorial election in Lagos State should not or never contest for the National Chairman of the party. See his post below…

” Our leaders in PDP are about to make a fatal mistake, in fact, the mother of all political errors. Jimi Agbaje is the last man that should be considered for the position of PDP National Chairman. I consider him to be unqualified and unsuitable for several reasons.

1. There is actually no clarity as to whether he is in fact a card carrying member of the PDP, as he was not a foundation member, and there is no clear record as to when he joined the party or which ward he belongs to.

2. We have good reason to believe that he in fact joined the party formally in Apapa LGA in 2014, meaning he required an official waiver from the party to contest the elections. There is no evidence of such a waiver.

3. In the run up to his even joining the PDP openly, whilst campaigning for the governorship of Lagos State using Eko Initiative, which he called a croos-party platform, but which was in fact anchored mainly by known APC and Tinubu loyalists, he openly disparaged the PDP severally, and was once witnessed by Julie Akpa Idoko doing this.

4. His campaign after being handed the candidacy in Lagos State by Bode George on a plate, was tepid to the point of being treacherous. He refused pointedly to put President Goodluck Jonathan on his campaign materials until the eve of the rally to celebrate President Jonathan’s achievements, when posters were hurriedly pasted along the route leading to TBS from the airport only!

More to come.”

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