BOG, Lagos PDP Sympathise With Victims Of Abule Ado Explosion

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BOG, Lagos PDP Sympathise With Victims Of Abule Ado Explosion


The leadership of Lagos State PDP on Monday visited the explosion site at Abule Ado area of Lagos.

According to PDP State Chairman, Adedeji Doherty, the visit was necessary to sympathise with the victims affected by the gas inferno which caused a loud bang in the State on Sunday morning.

Lagos State PDP Chairman, Adedeji Doherty speaking with the press while at the site of the explosion

The State executives made the journey down to Abule Ado after receiving Gbadamosi back into the party in a small ceremony at the Party Secretariat in GRA, Ikeja.

Speaking on the unfortunate incident, Gbadamosi disclosed that it could have been avoided and the dead victims could have been saved if adequate measures had been in place at the gas station. He however called for thorough investigation into the circumstances that led to the explosion.

I visited the site of the blast at Abule-Ado today. Surely there are lessons to learn from such terrible devastation. The authorities MUST investigate this incident and tell us WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. Things are unclear, ” he wrote on Twitter.

BOG speaking with the press during the visit to Abule Ado

Gnadamosi called on the public to support the victims with all they can, noting that the explosion was devastating.

The Abule-Ado explosion was truly devastating and caused a lot of casualties. Please reach out to the people of Abule-Ado with whatever you have. Mattresses, mosquito nets, clothing, blankets, food, water, money, EVERYTHING HELPS”

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