Between Fuji icon, K1 and his lead drummer, Ayanlowo

Between Fuji icon, K1 and his lead drummer, Ayanlowo

Between Fuji icon, K1 and his lead drummer, Ayanlowo

The past few days have seen the media awash with allegations levelled on iconic Fuji musician, K1 De Ultimate by his now former lead drummer, Ayankunle Ayanlowo.
BlackBox Nigeria gathered that the drama started with an interview by Ayanlowo surfacing on the internet where he alleged that he worked for the Fuji legend for 32 years without a single achievement he could call his own. He further disclosed that he like most of the other band members work in fear as the well respected musician was a different person when he relates with his staff to who people see on stage entertaining.

Ayanlowo further revealed that working with K1 was a slave-master relationship because the musician treated them (band mates) with disdain. He claimed traveling with the ‘Ade Ori Okin’ crooner was usually a traumatising experience because they had to submit their passports immediately they arrive at the airport whether abroad or in Nigeria.
The drummer also revealed an incident which happened when they traveled abroad on tour. According to Ayanlowo, he was feeling a pain in his tummy and had reached out to an acquaintance who came over to take him to the hospital to a check up. He went on to disclosed that they encountered the Fuji singer on their way out who simply ordered him to return back to his lodge without caring about what he was going through. Ayanlowo claim the pain he felt at the time and the lack of medical attention so the reason he is still nursing an ulcer till date.

In his emotional interview, Ayanlowo went further to affirm he was being truthful by swearing to the talking drum which he said was a tool no drummer will joke with.

While Mr Wasiu Ayinde Marshall generally known as K1 has refused to make an official statement on the allegations, BlackBox Nigeria gathers that his media team and close associates have gone to town to debunk the insinuations. First, a video emerged where an excited Ayanlowo was seen spraying K1 some wads of money on stage and then another where the drummer who had just christened his newly born daughter was seen being celebrated on stage by K1. The musician celebrated the drummer while reeling out all the names given to the newly born and raining prayers on her in his usual style of praise singing.

Moments ago, journalist and K1’s publicist, Kunle Rasheed released a statement berating Ayanlowo. In the piece titled “Ayankunle Ayanlowo: an ingrate’s tirades against a benefactor”, Rasheed debunked claims by the drummer saying while K1 has chosen not to “wrestle with the pig by dignifying him with a response”, he on the other hand needs to set the records straight.

Kunle Rasheed went on to state that Ayanlowo’s problem was a feeling of self entitlement which has bedevilled the Nigerian society. He revealed that the musician has never for once owed the drummer or any of his colleagues their salary or any allowances which begs the question how K1 erred.
While it is unclear if Ayankunle Ayanlowo was actually expelled from the band for an offence, Rasheed revealed the drummer has been sending several emissaries to beg K1.
The statement revealed that Ayanlowo however started with the attacks after all efforts to appeal to K1 failed.
“Many may not be aware that before this trending video surfaced, Ayankunle has been sending several people to K1 to plead for his return. For whatever reason, his boss and benefactor has however, refused this last time, hence the need for ‘Ayan’ to start splashing mud around”, Rasheed wrote.

According to Rasheed, “the question many should have asked Ayanlowo is that, in that 32 years he claimed he worked for K1, did K1 owe him any of his salaries? Was he not paid his deserved wages as at when due?”

The statement further countered the claim by the drummer that he didn’t achieve anything while working for K1 saying even a drummer Ayanlowo introduced to the band has built two houses and is almost completing his hotel.

“If Kamoru Ayanyemi (Bata) that he (Ayankunle) brought to the band can build two houses and on the verge of completing a hotel in Lagos, how then can we not pose that question to him on what he did with his money in that 32 years of service,” Rasheed asked.

While this is obviously not the end of this banter of words, one would expect industry players to reach out to both parties to make peace before it degenerates into a bigger scandal.

2024 has seen a phenomenon of former bandmates coming for one another over past issues that were not well handled but left to linger with hopes they would go off naturally. Top on this table is the drama involving pioneering contemporary Nigerian music group, Remedies with members throwing jabs at themselves over who did what in the past.

Like K1, the older generation of musicians have also had their share of these scandals with ex-band mates of legendary musicians like King Sunny Ade, the late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister amongst others being accused of not doing well for their band members.


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