Avoid Libya, It Is Death Sentence, No Government To Talk To- Abike Dabiri Speaks On Killings In Libya

Avoid Libya, It Is Death Sentence, No Government To Talk To- Abike Dabiri Speaks On Killings In Libya

For days now, there exist a picture circulating online showing blacks, including Nigerians being ushered to a spot were they were being killed in numbers in Libya.

Reacting to this, Hon Abike Dabiri Erewa, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs has warned Nigerians to avoid hostile countries.

Following the trend of the pictures online, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, APC
National Publicity Secretary contacted the Hon Dabiri who then warned Nigerians who still find their ways to listed hostile countries.

He said, “Someone drew my attention to the facts that Nigerians and other blacks
are daily rounded up and killed in Libya. They march them off as you can see in the photos somewhere
and spray them with bullets.

“I contacted Hon Abike Dabiri, Senior Special Assistant on Foreign Affairs
in Nigeria, to know if this is true or if it is a social media fabrication and she responded immediately
confirming this.

“Truth of the matter is that Nigeria has been on this matter for years. They were warned to avoid Libya.”

So far, Hon Dabiri said she has used her officer to get 24 Nigerians about to be
killed back to Nigeria.

She continued, “Problem now is there is actually, literally no govt in Libya. No law and order! No one to talk to!

“Nigerian embassy in Libya have done their best. At least when Gaddafi was
there he still listened. Libyans are dealing with their own struggles and they have not been responsive at all but the Nigerian embassy will keep trying to get help.

She also warned that Nigerians should avoid hostile countries and stay away from crime!

She also said, “There are some countries that
behead drug peddlers but Nigerians dare these countries by still doing
the killing.

“If you know anyone living there or who plans to, especially those of you
who can trek to Europe through the desert, avoid Libya! Pity your poor
aging parents and sell pure water in

She further warned that death is all can be achieved in Libya!

It was gathered that the Nigeria Emergency Management Agency has been evacuating and still evacuated less than two months ago.

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