Athlete Gets Proposed To Moment After Winning Silver At #Rio2016

Athlete Gets Proposed To Moment After Winning Silver At #Rio2016


Billion of sport fans currently watching the ongoing Olympics in Rio got more than what they bargained for as a Chinese athlete, He Zi got a diamond ring slipped into her finger moment after getting her silver medal for Women’s 3m Springboard by her boyfriend, Qin Kai who had also got a bronze medal last week.

While the bride to be won herself a diamond which supercedes her silver medal, her fiance won a gold medal from the global fans who watched the scenario from different continents.


No sooner had she stepped down from the podium, Qin got down on one knee to pop the question in front of the crowd. Luckily, Zi said YES and melting of hearts could be felt through the grandstand. Qin held up a small box with a ring, slipped the ring on her finger and handed her a rose which was in a glass case.

Zi who had been dating Qin for about six years later revealed she never knew he was going to propose to her neither was she ready to marry herself off, but said she was touched by his actions prior to the proposal.


The couple received a big cheer from the crowd as they left the pool. Athletes from other countries came also came forward to Zi to congratulate her and admire her ring.

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