Asake’s Inspiring Journey: From Campus Talent to Chart-Topping Success

Asake’s Inspiring Journey: From Campus Talent to Chart-Topping Success

Latiifah Amusan


Asake’s remarkable journey from an aspiring talent to a chart-topping sensation is a story that revolves around his time at Obafemi Awolowo University (O.A.U). 

Although Dramatic Arts was his field of study, it was the friendships he forged at O.A.U that shaped his destiny. 

One of these friends is Idowu Adeyemi popularly known as Yhemo Lee. 

Yhemo Lee is an actor, entrepreneur, and nightlife enthusiast who became Asake’s unofficial artist and repertoire (A&R), playing a pivotal role in his rise to fame.

Yhemo Lee’s impactful involvement in Asake’s career took a dramatic turn when he secretly sent Asake’s song “Omo-Ope” to Olamide, the YBNL boss, requesting a collaboration.

Olamide liked the track, contributed a rap verse, and sent it back.

Yhemo Lee then surprised Asake by playing Olamide’s verse, setting in motion a series of events that defined Asake’s career.

Before this turning point, Asake had been persistently reaching out to Olamide, seeking an opportunity in the music industry, but without success.

The release of “Omo-Ope” changed everything.

Olamide reached out to Asake, and after a meeting, extended a record contract offer with YBNL.

This marked the true beginning of Asake’s ascent to stardom.

Asake’s journey is a testament to the power of talent, preparation, and seizing the right opportunities.

Starting as an unsigned act, he eventually scored a verse from Olamide and secured a YBNL/Empire record deal.

Asake’s story is one of determination in the face of challenges.

Despite being booed off stage in the past and facing moments of doubt, he kept his passion alive.

His hit “Mr . Money” in 2020 marked a turning point, but the attention faded quickly.

However, Asake’s unyielding spirit pushed him forward.

Following the triumph of “Omo-Ope” and his YBNL signing, Asake’s debut EP “Ololade Asake” swiftly hit the shelves.

Featuring tracks like “Omo Ope ft Olamide,” “Trabaye,” “Sungba,” and “Baba God,” the EP yielded two number-one hits.

The remix of “Sungba” with Burna Boy even replaced the original on the charts, solidifying Asake’s dominance.

Asake’s journey of chart-topping success is far from over.

His remarkable run has already seen him replace himself as number one on the charts multiple times.

With each triumph, Asake’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists everywhere, proving that with talent, determination, and the right opportunities, anything is possible.


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