Arik Air Spent N15.2 Billion on Aviation Fuel in 2016

Arik Air Spent N15.2 Billion on Aviation Fuel in 2016

Fresh revelations have emerged concerning the scarcity of aviation fuel which has continuously affected flight operations in Nigeria.

BlackBox Nigeria investigations have revealed that Nigeria and West Africa’s leading airline, Arik Air spent a whooping 15.2 Billion Naira on aviation fuel also known as Jet A1 in 2016.

Despite this, the airline have severally complained about reduced supply which it says is responsible for delays and cancelations which the airline have been faced with in recent times.

Industry observers have also corroborated this figure saying there is high possibility that the airline spent that much on Jet A1.

Last month, the National Association of Aircraft Pilots and Engineers lamented the high cost of aviation fuel saying the product should be sold for about N50/per litre instead of the over N200/per litre which operators have to part with to get the product.

With over 20 aircraft in its fleet, Arik Air operates about 120 daily flights which means the airline requires about 15 million liters of fuel every month to operate.
Only recently, Arik Air raised the alarm on worsening scarcity of aviation fuel while appealing to its passengers on expected delays.

“The airline requires a daily supply of approximately 500,000 litres for its operations but it has been getting between 180,000 and 200,000 over the past 10 days, which has severely impacted the scheduled flight operations,’’ the airline’s statement read in part.

With N15.2 Billion spent on aviation fuel in 2016, it was learnt that it is totally false information that the airline was owing fuel marketers.

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