Anti-Nutrients Contained In Foods; How To Get The Best Of Food Nutrients

Anti-Nutrients Contained In Foods; How To Get The Best Of Food Nutrients


Do you remember when whole wheat was a great health food especially when fortified with soya bean? But suddenly fell off the list because news came again that it could cause a hole in your gut.

We often hear that a particular food is highly nutritious only to find out that they can be harmful and then we just STOP consuming them…

News flash!
Dear readers, virtually all foods that are nutritious can be harmful due to the presence of natural plant toxins called ANTI-NUTRIENTS!

Am gonna take you through  the common ANTI-NUTRIENTS in our daily foods and how to optimize food nutrients.

Anti-nutrients are natural or synthetic compounds found in foods. They interfere with absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. They can also affect the activities of digestive enzymes, which are key for proper absorption.

Anti-nutrients are actually a defense mechanism for plants. They help repel pests, and other predators so the plants can grow well and reproduce.


well, not all anti-nutrients are harmful. The likes of POLYPHENOLS  have antioxidant properties that are favourable to the cells if consumed in moderate amounts.

The major anti-nutrients of concern found in our common foods include PHYTIC ACID also known as PHYTATE.

It is found mostly in grains seeds and legumes.
This anti-nutrient inhibits the absorption of minerals by  the body.
It prevents the body from getting access to the nutrients such as phosphorus, copper, magnesium and zinc. it also interferes with calcium and iron absorption, which poses a risk for iron deficiency in the body.

Eat local, Eat Natural, Stay healthy.

Join us next week for more on ANTI-NUTRIENTS

Do have a great weekend.

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