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AMAA 2017 Nominations To Be Unveiled In Rwanda

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The 2017 edition of Africa’s biggest movie awards, the Africa Movie Academy Awards is set to take centre stage as the countdown to the nomination night has started in earnest.

BlackBox Nigeria has gathered that the 2017 nominees unveiling will be taking place in Eastern African country of Rwanda.

In a statement statement by the organizers, the event which is entering its 13th edition have the nominees unveiled on May 13 at the Kigali Conventional Centre.

“The AMAA 2017 Nomination Night will be held in The Republic of Rwanda, a landlocked East African geography dominated by mountains in the west and savannas to the east, with numerous lakes throughout the country. It is known for its fast-growing tourism sector,an equally de-veloping movie industry and is home to mountain gorillas, golden monkeys and other exquisite primates,” AMAA reveals on its official Facebook page.

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