Agbede Town Hosts Community Shield To Promote Youth Engagement

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Agbede Town a suburb community in Ikorodu area of Lagos state is set to hold a novelty football competition to drive the youths of the community into productive engagements.

In a discussion with BlackBox Nigeria, the organisers said the project is not a competition but a novelty match to orientate and educate youth of Agbede to prioritise their future.

The novelty match will have 4 youth drawn from each community making up Agbede to be constituted into two teams with 4 reserve players.
According to Lekan Biliamin-OBAA, one of the Conveners of the Project the need to be responsive to community goals and aspirations berthed the AGBEDE SHIELD CUP, “to re-awake and foster mutual and peaceful coexistence amongst the Youth and Stakeholders.”

He stated that unlike the regular competition, the Football match is a novelty match with two teams drawn from the 9 communities constituting Agbede Town.

It is believed the project in its finalisation stage will discourage societal vices such as cultism, bunkering, land grabbing and betting predominant amongst youth today.

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