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Advertising notes from the famous ‘Squid Game’

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Edwin Eriye 

Korean dystopian Series, “Squid Game” has left movie lovers with a memorable entertainment experience. Following the release of the series, it wasted no time to become Netflix’s biggest-ever series at launch.

“Squid Game” has now become a cultural phenomenon, with many famous brands using the series as a marketing ploy.

Let’s take a brief diversion – movies, books and music have the power to set the trends. For instance, after the popularity of the chess series “The Gambit”, eBay reported a 215 per cent increase in the sales of chess set.

Now, “Squid Game” is enjoying a similar result, as The Independent reports a 7,800 per cent rise in the sales of Vans (the white slip-shoe worn by the players in the series).

Naturally, when a show attains the kind of success, “Squid Game” has, it impacts the culture, and savvy brands are already adopting that culture.

The Pizza chain, Dominos has quickly adopted the trend from the famous series, using symbols and references from the show to promote its pizza.

Also, Pepsi has shared a “Squid Game” symbol embedded in its iconic fizzy drink.

Other famous brands; Keystone Bank, Fidelity Bank, Heineken, Marigold HL and many others have rolled out creative adverts using excerpts from the series.

Below are Pictures of some of these adverts:

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