Actress Tomisin Oderinde Opens Up About Experience with Sexual Harassment in Nollywood

Actress Tomisin Oderinde Opens Up About Experience with Sexual Harassment in Nollywood

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Tomisin Oderinde 


Nollywood actress, Oluwatomisin Oderinde,who is a fast rising act in the Yoruba movie scene, has come forward to shed light on the pervasive issue of sexual harassment within the industry.

Known for her dedication to hard work and her impressive filmography including five self-produced movies, Oluwatomisin Oderinde opens up about her personal experience with sexual harassment in Nollywood. 

The actress revealed that instances of harassment were more likely to occur on set, often involving directors or men in positions of power.

Oderinde highlighted that these incidents primarily target young and aspiring actresses who are vulnerable and eager to gain recognition. 

She said,

“If I say I have never experienced it I would be lying but mine didn’t come before the role, mine came on set whereby a bigger actor or some crew members will tell you to go sleep in the actor’s room overnight or their own room but I have never been forced. They say it and I lash out at them. I have a very bad mouth and I can give polite insults and I will leave the set. I don’t go to all locations and that helped me a little too cos if you are not desperate to get there, you won’t meet with those desperados. I am taking a step at a time and focusing majorly on my productions. I go to other people’s locations too but then it’s strictly on filming thing and when I am done, I go back home, no room for shenanigans.”

However, Oderinde made it clear that she refused to succumb to such advances and was not coerced into compromising situations.

She said that her resilience and self-respect guided her actions, and she adopted a cautious approach to choosing film locations. 

By being selective and focused on her productions, she managed to avoid many of the “desperados” who might exploit vulnerable individuals.

Oluwatomisin Oderinde expressed her determination to pursue her career step by step, concentrating on her projects and maintaining a professional distance from other people’s sets. 

Her commitment to her craft led to the creation of her latest movie, “OJIJI OKAN.” 

The film, written for her by a story writer centers around a woman named Wura who faces a moral dilemma after her parents are murdered by her supposed brother-in-law. “Ojiji Okan” weaves a tale of suspense, love, revenge, and the intricate role destiny plays in shaping lives.

Oderinde’s filmography includes noteworthy titles such as “Stalker” (2018), “Iso inu Eyou (2019), “Fifehanmi” (2021), and “Above the Law” (2021). 

In addition to her productions, she has also been  featured in numerous projects by other filmmakers.



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