70% Of N’Igbos Do No Listen To News Nor Read Newspaper- Imo State Commissioner

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For Obinna Nshirim, the Imo State Commissioner of Information, a good percentage of indigents in his State do not listen to news neither do they read newspaper. This was what he discovered during the Christmas period as he went around to interact with people.

He made this findings known while he was speaking at the Imo Broadcasting Corporation, a State owned radio station.

He said, “While others were enjoying their Christmas, I was moving all over the places because it is my duty as Information Commissioner to know how far I have informed the people”, as well as” to get feed back from them.”

“I discovered to my horror, few things, that our people are not informed,” This he described as a shocking experience.

“70 percent of Igbo do not listen to news, they do not read newspaper.”

“I keep telling you, we say we are intelligent, we say we are informed but that Hausa boy that cleans your shoe has a radio in his pocket”, he simply put.

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