70% of 13,000 Civil Servants Fail Promotion Exam

70% of 13,000 Civil Servants Fail Promotion Exam

Latiifah Amusan

The Federal Civil Service Commission has released a list revealing that a staggering 9,000 civil servants out of 13,000 who undertook the 2022 Federal Civil Service Promotion examinations did not pass.

In the list, approximately 13,000 civil servants took part in the examination conducted across 69 Computer-Based Test centers, the examination included participants from the core civil service, the Nigeria Police, and various para-military and specialized agencies.

A circular containing the list of successful civil servants dated November 30, 2023, was dispatched from the Federal Civil Service Commission. 

The document, marked FC.6241/S.35/Vol.xi/T12/268, bore the signature of the Director of Promotions, Sani Bello, and was directed to the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation.

Out of the large pool of examinees, only 3,851 civil servants managed to pass the promotion examination, as indicated in the attached list. 

Among the successful candidates, 139 officers earned promotions from the post of Assistant Chief Administrative Officer to Chief Administrative Officer.

Furthermore, 191 individuals were promoted to the post of Assistant Chief Administrative Officer from the role of Principal Administrative Officer. 

Another noteworthy promotion involved 313 civil servants ascending from the role of Senior Administrative Officer to Principal Administrative Officer. 

Additionally, 191 civil servants achieved promotion to Senior Administrative Officer from the position of Administrative Officer 1, among other advancements.



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