6 Memorable Moments At #LasuChoiceAwards2016

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The first ever edition of the Lasu Choice Awards might have come and gone but the memory continues to linger in the minds of not just awardees but the students and guests who turned up alike.

From the beautiful outfits found on the red carpet to the amazing acceptance speeches, here are six memorable  moments from the event.

Ladies on the red carpet

Ladies on the red carpet

Moments from the Red Carpet. It was a sight to behold at the venue, from the perfect lighting to the masterpiece backdrop used on the red carpet, guests sure had where to have cute shots on their mobile phones and also the paparazzi sure had a filled time with their lenses during the clicking.

MBG-LASU Slayed Quality LASU One of the most interesting moment in the course of the award ceremony was when the reigning Most Beautiful Girl in LASU, Yetunde Gold stepped out in an a branded dress made by a group, Quality Lasu. Tongues soon started wagging as to how the plan was concluded for the ‘free show’.LCA201611

Couple Awardees  The hall filled to capacity witnessed an uproar when a couple from the Non-Academic arm of the institution were called to the stage to receive an award, without them having prior knowledge of such honor. The couple, Mr and Mrs Olalekan, were full of praises to the organizers for such reward.

Cross section of invited music artists at the award ceremony

Cross section of invited music artists at the award ceremony

Energetic Performance By Some Artists Some of the invited artists and students/artiste pulled the crowd as they displayed energetic performance as they play tracks to the delight the seated audience. One of such is an upcoming artiste, Subzilla, who pulled the crowd as he sang his latest tracks, moving around the guests before eventually returning to the stage

Obscene Dance It was an exciting moment for guy after he was picked randomly from the crowd by a female artiste only to dance obscenely with him. Well, the crowd only cheered as it was only the artiste and the dude rocked the beat been released by the DJ.

Main entrance of the auditorium

Main entrance of the auditorium

Organized Security Officials Sure no students nor staff will forget the high level of cooperation the security officials, who were combined from the institution’s Marshall and special operatives, who were on ground for the proper running of the entrance. Despite their stern looks, they were lenient and respectful to all the invited guests, just as cooperation was shown by all.

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