5 Ways Women Can Visit Yaba Market Without Been Harassed

5 Ways Women Can Visit Yaba Market Without Been Harassed

Yaba market is one of the most popular markets in Lagos. At the market, you find all kinds of people selling all sorts of things. These traders are very aggressive and can be extreme sometimes to get customers.

Women are always at the receiving end. They complain that whenever they visit the popular Yaba market, they are always been harassed by the traders. So, for some women, they are scared of visiting this market. You don’t need to worry as Damilola Faustino share tips that can help women survive the market without being harassed.

a. Dress the way you want to be addressed

Most of the times, the very flirty guys at Yaba market harass women who are not well dressed. Fine, you have a right to wear whatever you like. Regardless, when you are visiting the Yaba market, ensure that you are well dressed to prevent any harassment. It is no gainsaying; dress the way you want to be addressed.

b. Keep a straight face

The best way to deal with these salacious men is to keep a straight face. Don’t smile when they touch you and do not even talk to them except you want to patronize them. Your smile simply means you accept their harassment and this will further motivate them.

c. Always go with a man

They are most likely to respect themselves when they see a lady with a man strolling around the market. So, if you are tired of their un-welcomed physical touch, you should always go there with your boyfriend or your brother.

d. Avoid walking at the center of the market

You are definitely begging to be harassed if you walk at the center of the market. That is where you find the badass guys. These ones don’t care if you are well-dressed or not, they will harass you and go as far as to grope you. Perhaps, since government is planning to dislodge from the road, it may not change anything.

e. Don’t go to the market

If you can avoid visiting Yaba market, you should. This is perhaps the best option for you.

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