5 Times Ikorodu Bois Have Made Nigeria Proud

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Ikorodu Bois, a Nigerian online comedy group made up of three boys, has made a name for themselves on social media.

The trio is known for remaking, mimicking and recreating multimillion-dollar music videos, movie scenes and movie trailers using ordinary household items.

The internet sensation group is formed of brothers Muiz Sanni, 15, and Malik Sanni, 10, as well as their cousin, 13-year-old Fawas. Their elder brother, Babatunde Sanni helps edit the videos and manage the stars.

Here are five different times they made Nigeria proud:

1. Ikorodu Bois went viral earlier last year after they recreated the trailer for Extraction, an action-packed Netflix movie, starring actor Chris Hemsworth, earning them an invite to the world premiere of Netflix action thriller, Extraction 2, from Russo Brothers, one of the world’s most popular film directors in Hollywood. Also, in August 2020, they were sent a series of high-tech camera equipment, including Boom microphones, tripods, voice recorders and even an Apple iMac computer from streaming giant Netflix.

2. Their remake of the movie, Jumanji got the attention of Hollywood actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who was impressed by their creativity and commended them on Twitter while retweeting their video.

3. The young filmmakers paid a touching tribute to Hollywood actor, Chadwick Boseman with a reenactment of Black Panther. They acted out scenes between T’Challa and his father, Mbaku, among others, before adding: “Rest in Power Chadwick Boseman.”

4. In October 2020, Ikorodu Bois got another international recognition, from seasoned American comedian and TV host, Steve Harvey, as they made a virtual appearance on ‘Steve’s TV show’ as guests.

5. They recently bagged a nomination in the 2021 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, having made it to the list of nominees for the ‘Favourite African Social Media Star’ category.

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