5 Marketing Scopes Working For Bigi-Cola In Nigeria

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5 Marketing Scopes Working For Bigi-Cola In Nigeria

The new face of Cola drink in Nigeria

In Nigeria of today, one company that has been able to key into customers’ emotions by understanding their needs and creating products to satisfy those needs is Ritebite Foods the producers of Rite Sausage and Bigi Cola.

Building a successful brand is all about marketing and positioning your products at the reach of the right audience with the right amount of money at the right place. If a product is not at the right place at the right time, it creates an additional burden to potential customers who in the case of drinks need instant satisfaction of appetite.

The infiltration of the ‘soft drink’ cola industry by Bigi Cola if sustained should be a textbook case study for upcoming Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. Launched officially in 2016, Bigi Cola has rattled all the major players in the market with its unique home grown approach. BlackBox Nigeria brings you 5 observable marketing scopes adopted by Bigi Cola:

Nigeria’s National Colour, Flag and Map

Even though Nigeria is not where it ought to be and there are many “Andrews” wanting to jet out of the country at the slightest opportunity, we cannot underestimate the patriotic spirits of Nigerians. Nigerians’ love for the Green and White colour is exemplified during sporting events featuring the country. This same spirit of patriotism has been channeled towards the entertainment industry and made in Nigeria products. Bigi Cola marketing officers understood the moving trend so they quickly key into it by promoting the product’s Nigerianness. What Bigi Cola has established is that the product is Nigeria in made, owned by a Nigerian and made by Nigerians. The 60cl Bigi Cola is tagged “introduction” and it carries the flag and map of Nigeria to signify its indigenous power, what else can drive attention?

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Advert on its Sausage roll

Technically speaking, Rite Foods is using one stone to kill two birds by being smart in their advert campaign. Before introducing Bigi Cola to the market, the drink was advertised on the packaging of Rite sausage rolls. This embedded advert was on for about a year before introducing the product thus wetting the appetite of would be consumers. Since its introduction, Bigi Cola has been enjoying the same grace on its sister product thereby saving the company some money on conventional advertising platforms.

Local Language

No matter how much you grow, everyone wants to remain connected to his or her root and, Bigi Cola optimized this by putting major local languages on the product meaning the product belongs here. Phrases like ‘Son of Soil’, ‘Nwa Afo’, ‘Omo Naija Nimi’, ‘Dan Kasa’ easily resonates with people of different geo-political zones in Nigeria and adds to Bigi Cola bottom-line.

Variants And Competitive price

Another thing selling for Bigi Cola is that the product understands the Nigerian market and the taste of its people. Rather than limits itself to only cola, Rite Foods decided to diversify into the territories of brands like Limca, Fanta and Lacasera. Bigi has every brand for your taste, Bigi Orange, Bigi Apple and Bigi Lemon. It is pure smart economy to keep price down to sell more volumes and keep the money in the same purse. The wholesale price of a carton of PET bottle (50cl) of Bigi Cola is N950, Pepsi Cola sells for N1050 and Coca Cola N1150. While the retail price of Bigi Cola, Big Cola and Pepsi is N100, Coca-Cola goes for N120. Considering the human desire for profit, vendors prefer to stock the Bigi Cola because it offers more profit margin than the older brands. And for the consumers, Bigi Cola knows Nigerians care more about quantity than taste. Isn’t that smart marketing?

Local Distribution

There is no street you get to in Lagos, Ogun state and many parts of Nigeria that you would not see a shop selling Bigi Cola products in wholesale. It is just everywhere you go and once you can make the product easily accessible to Lagos’ 21 million population, you are close to hitting a jackpot of profit.

Then Rites Foods did something unique recently by stealing the show off its competitors in the Cola and Sausage business when Ugochukwu Ibere was made a distributor of Rite Foods products with an all expenses paid store.

Ugochukwu Ibere is a 27 years old, native of Ebonyi State whose video of feeding prisoners in Lagos traffic went viral. Rite Foods compensated his selfless service by making him an ambassador of the product. When the news when viral, he was called a gala seller but Bigi Cola changed the narrative with the unique gesture.

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