4 trending slangs and their meanings

4 trending slangs and their meanings

Tobiloba Moboluwade


For Nigerian Gen Z-ers, using slangs and catchphrases is the new way of expression as new words, every now and then, are added to the ‘street’ vocabulary.

We’ve pooled together four trending slangs and their meanings.



A Yoruba language-originated word meaning “where’s the space or time?”. It is usually used when there’s no tendency or possibility of something to happen. It is used most times in jokes. The slang was first used in a song by popular Nigerian singer, Barry Jhay titled ‘Ayewaada’ which was released in May 2021.


O ti dogun bayi

This is another slang meaning “this is now a problem” and is usually used in jokes or conversations to address a situation that has gotten out of hand. For instance, ‘The price of spaghetti has increased o ti dogun bayi o.’


God When

As the phrase implies it is a slang commonly used today by the youths when they see something they like and are yet to have prompting them to ask “God when” it would be their turn also.


Ma fejo pami

Another slang that has its origin in Yoruba language which means “don’t kill me with words or irrelevant talk”. It is mostly used to shun people during discussions or conversations. The slang has also been used in a song titled Mafejopami by Diamond Jimma.



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