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25th convocation: Olowu Benjamin sets new record with 4.97 CGPA as LASU graduates 7,232 students

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Leshi Adebayo



As the Lagos State University officially kicked off its 25th convocation ceremony on Wednesday, the institution’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello has declared Olowu Benjamin from the Department of Mechanical Engineering as the best graduating student with a new CGPA record of 4.97.

Prof. Olatunji-Bello made this known during a press conference which was monitored by our correspondent.


The LASU VC revealed that a total of 7,232 students are expected to be graduated during the ceremonies.

Giving an analysis of the data of graduating students, Prof. Olatunji-Bello noted that for diploma certificates, a total of 451 students will be graduating — 1st class (45), upper credit (219), lower credit (183) and pass (4).


She continued that a total of 4994 students will graduated in the first degree category — 1st class (112), 2nd Class upper (1436), 2nd class lower (2829), 3rd class (603) and pass (14).


“While for higher degrees, a total of 1792 students are to be graduated– postgraduates diplomas (335), Academic masters (849), professional masters (532), Ph.D (76).”


Explaining details about the graduating students with first class honours, the LASU VC revealed that alongside Olowu Benjamin, who happens to be the best graduating student with 4.97 CGPA are 3 other outstanding students from the Faculty of Science with 4.81 CGPA each.

In her words, “As mentioned earlier, 112 students graduated with first class degrees, which is the highest we have produced so far. I am so happy to announce that our best graduating student at this Convocation, Olowu Benjamin Damilare, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering had a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 4.97, which is also a new record in the university.

“While 3 of our best graduating students from the Faculty of Science had the same CGPA of 4.81.”

Prof. Olatunji-Bello further said, “The two best Master degree students graduated with a perfect CGPA of 5.0. They are from the Department of Religions and Peace Studies and School of Transport and Logistics, respectively.”

She noted that the institution’s 25th convocation ceremony marks the first time LASU Africa Centre of Excellence for Innovative and Transformative Stem Education programme would be producing graduates.

Assuring the press men of the credibility of the certificates, Prof. Olatunji-Bello said, “These graduands have fulfilled the requirements of the awards of degrees of this great institution and on behalf of the entire University community, I congratulate them, their parents and guardians and wish them the very best as they enter the next phase of their lives.”

Meanwhile, the new CGPA record set by Olowu Benjamin beats the record of Oladimeji Shotunde in 2020 who graduated with a 4.95 CGPA from the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Management Sciences.



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