2019: Vote Out Leaders Without Capacity – Clergyman Tells Nigerians

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2019: Vote Out Leaders Without Capacity – Clergyman Tells Nigerians


Prophet Isa El-Buba has called on Nigerians to vote out political leaders that don not have capacity to provide good governance for the country in the 2019 General Elections.

Prophet El-Buba of the Evangelical Bible Outreach Ministries International (EBOMI) disclosed in an interview he granted at the EBOMI Prayers Towers in Jos to mark the end of the church’s special programme.

He said, “Certain people that don’t have mental capacity to lead Nigeria, should be voted out of leadership in 2019 and replaced with those that could provide the right leadership at all levels of government.

We cannot continue to have leaders that are dull in mind and mental capacity to provide answers to the many challenges that are steering millions of Nigerians in the face.”

The Prophet argued that the country has been blessed by God with intellectual individuals and there was need to tap into it for the betterment of all if the right leadership are put in place at all levels of government; Federal, States and Locals.

He added, “I see a total turn around of destinies and God would restore the hope of Nigerians bringing them to a place they would settle. A lot of systems and structures are going to give way for the establishment of the purpose of God for the new Nigeria.”

According to him, “What Nigerians are going to see this year are the activities that would bring Nigeria to its place of honour and glory.



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