18 Lawmakers Impeach Ogun Assembly Speaker, Oluomo, After Serving For 4 Years

18 Lawmakers Impeach Ogun Assembly Speaker, Oluomo, After Serving For 4 Years

Fawaz Adebisi 

The Ogun State House of Assembly has witnessed a dramatic change of leadership, as 18 lawmakers out of the 26-member assembly impeached the Speaker, Olakunle Oluomo, on Tuesday, January 23, 2024.

Oluomo, who had been the Speaker since June 2019, was accused of gross misconduct and abuse of power by the lawmakers who elected Oludaisi Elemide, representing Odeda State Constituency, as the new Speaker.

The impeachment was carried out during a plenary session presided over by the Deputy Speaker, Bolanle Ajayi, who announced the election of Elemide after the motion for Oluomo’s impeachment was moved and seconded by two APC lawmakers.


The Clerk and the Deputy Clerk of the House, as well as security personnel, were present at the plenary, while the impeached Speaker, Oluomo, was absent.

The lawmakers who impeached Oluomo alleged that he had been high-handed, arrogant, and lacked focus and transparency in his leadership style.

They also claimed that he had misappropriated funds, incited members against themselves, and undermined the authority of the House. They said they had lost confidence in him and that he had failed to deliver on the mandate of the people.

The impeachment of Oluomo came as a surprise to many observers, as he was reelected as the Speaker in June 2023 after a week of tension over the seat.

He had also enjoyed a cordial relationship with the governor and the APC leadership in the state.

However, some sources said that the impeachment was orchestrated by some forces within the APC who were unhappy with Oluomo’s perceived loyalty to the governor.


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