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Work Experience No Longer A Requirement For Job Seekers In South Africa

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South Africa’s President, Cyril Ramaphosa

BlackBox Nigeria reports that in a bid to tackle gross unemployment, new graduates entering the job market will no longer be required to have work experience for an entry level government job starting from April 2019 in South Africa.

The South African government ever since this announcement few days ago, has enjoyed the support and approval by the local people to carry on with plan to scrap work experience requirements for first time job seekers in the public sector.


With the country battling high levels of unemployment, Public Service and Administration Minister Ayanda Dlodlo on Monday February 10th 2019 noted that the new plan is aimed at tackling youth joblessness.


Dlodlo assured that the move will not have an impact on services delivered by government.


According to Prof. Jannie Rossouw, Head of the School of Economics and Business Sciences at University of the Witwatersrand who expressed that any attempts to reduce youth unemployment is supposed to be welcomed, but the quality of service should not be affected.


“This should be structured in such a way that it does not compromise the professional and technical requirements for various fields. All we want is to streamline career paths and align skills,” she noted.


BlackBox Nigeria gathered that for years, unions and organizations representing young people have complained that work experience requirements for first time job seekers by employers was making it difficult for young people to enter the job market.



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