After Viral Picture, Man Claimed To Be Lagbaja Opens Up

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After the picture revealed by Nollywood actor Aremu Afolayan on his Instagram page few days ago supposedly to reveal the real facial identity of Lagbaja, one Fatoki Taiye Timmy has come out to claim that the picture uplaoded was his and not the real Lagbaja

Timmy who took to Facebook in the early hours of today, disassociates himself from the picture going viral while claimimg that he also go with the nickname ‘Lagbaja’ that originated from Bisade Ologunde, the popular Nigerian Musician which means more than just another name.

In his words ” This is to inform you all that I have recieved calls and messages about my picture (below ) going viral and labelled LAGBAJA THE MUSICIAN”

“Initially, I didn’t bother about it because I did not originate such tag. However,I need to let you know that LAGBAJA the musician is Egbon Bisade Ologunde whom I hold in very high esteem.He actually inspired me to use the name back then in the year 2000 as a student activist. I used the name to carry out my ‘guerrilla intellectual warfare’ with the university management.”

“Lagbaja is not just a name,it is deeper than just a nickname. It is a description. It means somebody,somebody could be anybody,and everybody could be somebody.”

He further explained that Lagbaja is a popular name to refer his kind back then at the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) and reiterated that he has never claimed to be the real Lagbaja.

“LAGBAJA is a household name back then at ABU Zaria. The name I carried over into my world of development where we call one another names that can easily be remembered (workshop name).The name sticks with me till date as a Social activist/ entrepreneur and development advocate. I have never claimed to be Egbon Bisade and ‘ll never do such.” He explained.

Timmy also expressed that the seasoned musician is one of those Nigerian musicians in class of the greats whose music addresses social issues and promotes culture with his creativity as legendary as his music.

“Salute to the great one- LAGBAJA Omo Baba Mukomuko,Lagbaja Omo oyo momi.- I am Fatoki Taiye Timmy LAGBAJA Omo Baba ONIMALU. I AM A BUHARIST.” Timmy wrote.

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