Trouble for Lil’Kesh as singer, Busola Oke Eleyele vows to deal with him

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Trouble for Lil’Kesh as singer, Busola Oke Eleyele vows to deal with him 

Lil Kesh has gotten himself in a legal trouble following his unauthorised use of Busola Oke’s lyrics

Another scandal is brewing on the Nigerian entertainment scene and this time it is between former YBNL rapper, Ololade Keshinro better known as Lil Kesh and gospel singer, Busola Oke also known as Eleyele. 

BlackBox Nigeria gathered that the brewing crisis is as a result of an alleged unauthorised use of the singer’s song in Lil Kesh’s new single, ‘Undertaker’. 

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In an interview with Punch Newspapers, the obviously angered Eleyele vowed to do nothing short of seeking justice against the rapper who left Olamide’s YBNL to begin his own imprint named YAGI. 

The gospel singer has vowed to fight till the end… legally!

She disclosed that truly, Lil Kesh’s team reached out to her but she didn’t grant them permission to use her song only for the rapper to go ahead to release the single. 

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“His manager called me and told me they wanted to use my song and I told them I didn’t understand. I told them that they should discuss whatever they wanted with my lawyer. Later, my lawyer told me that they had called him and that he told them not to use the song. A week later, Lil Kesh’s song was released. I think they had already used the song before they called us. We have been trying to reach him since then. My lawyer wrote to them stating that we were ready to go to court, but we couldn’t find his office address; so, we had to post the letter on social media. Maybe he thinks I’m an illiterate that cannot do anything.” 

Eleyele who released the song in contention some 15 years ago says she is sad about the development as it has become a recurrent one, she is now seeking to stop it. 

“I feel very bad about it because it is getting too common. I think that’s what is in vogue now. But I’m going to end it. I will use Lil Kesh as a scapegoat; I will accept nothing but justice. He will meet me in court.”

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