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The Man Behind The Bigi Cola Revolution In Nigeria

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Multi-Millionaire Chief, Adebola Adegunwa

It is not every time that a twelve-year old beverage like Bigi Cola competes favorably or practically run industry bigwigs like Coca-Cola and Pepsi cola aground in their presumed territories.


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Over the years, the commodity index for measuring market influence of a certain cola product within the soda community is excising controlling share in Lagos perennial ‘holdups’; a race Bigi Cola seems to be leading well despite having tough rivals having over hundred years of experience.


Until recently, no Cola product has been able to muscle the distribution strengthen of the duo of Coke and Pepsi bottled in Nigeria by Nigerian Bottling Company and PepsiCola, nurtured and distributed by 7up Bottling Company respectively.


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In years past, Afri Cola owned by Akure, Ondo State based Benkaof Beverages Limited, promoted by Ben Kayode Faloye, made sparing efforts at sharing the market space but could not sustain its reach due to the domineering influence of the established brands. What Afri Cola however failed to achieve, another brand, Big Cola bottled by Big Bottling Company formerly Ajeast Nigeria Limited in Agbara area of Ogun State broke the duopoly in the Cola drink market by offering its extra size Bigi Cola to the acceptance of consumers who have hungered for something new to feel.



Having drained the invisibility toga of Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola, Bigi Cola has joined the fray to an arousing acceptance.



Rite Foods manufacturers of Bigi Cola is currently managed by Chief Adegunwa’s son, Mr. Saleem Adegunwa as the Managing Director.


Bigi Cola, a product of Rite Foods Limited, marketers of Bigi and Rite Sausage Rolls, is distributed by E-ssay Holdings Group founded by Multi-Millionaire Chief Adebola Adegunwa.


Ess-Ay Holdings Ltd operating from Adebola House, 40, Opebi Road, Ikeja, is the parent company co-ordinating and consolidating all the companies owned and controlled by Adegunwa. Some of the companies include; Fototek Industries Limited, Photo Palace Limited, Prints Specialty Ltd and Top Communications Ltd.

Ess-Ay Holdings Ltd. holds the sole distributorship of Agf-Gevart of Germany as a representative in West Africa. Chief Adegunwa who has over 1600 staff under is direct employment is also the Chairman Atlantic Insurance Ltd.

The Rite Foods manufacturers of Bigi Cola is currently managed by Chief Adegunwa’s son, Mr. Saleem Adegunwa as the Managing Director.

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