Lady reveals how she was left disappointed by a cute guy she met at a bank

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Lady reveals how she was left disappointed by a cute guy she met at a bank 

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This story is based on a thread shared by a twitter user, profiles Maggie Berry. While the story might appear funny and somewhat ridiculous, it also reveals certain concerns about how young people pay attention to their oral health and general upkeep. 

Read the hilarious piece below… 

So I met this Tall fine guy at the bank today, damn he’s like the cutest guy have seen in a while 😍😍 I was already praying in my head that he should just look at me.. So after like 10minutes, This guy was walking towards my direction and my legs was already shaking..

When this guy got to me,  he smiled and I blushed like a fool..  Then he open his mouth and asked, “Can I have your pen”? For a second, I lost consciousness , Not because he finally talked to me but damn! his mouth odour is out of this world😥😥 

My facial expression switched immediately like, WTF? I just gave him the pen and left the bank angrily without completing my transaction 😥😥 

I’m in Sifia pain… 

…She is still in severe pain! 

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