I Am Gone, Taken: Celebration Of Holy Matrimony By Qawiyy Adebayo Rabiu (Korweey)

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I Am Gone, Taken: Celebration Of Holy Matrimony By Qawiyy Adebayo Rabiu (Korweey)

The Couple, Yewande and Qawiyy Rabiu

The Couple, Yewande and Qawiyy Rabiu

From this day forward, I am no longer myself, I have been taken.

The two days, 8.11.18 and 11.11.18, will forever remain memorable days as I wade through the mucky waters of marital bliss. I have been a bystander in the past but the day I walked into Ikeja Local Government Registry changed everything I know and have always felt. The traditional engagement between Yewande Adeola Ajose and Qawiyy Adebayo Rabiu, the following day brought me to thanking God and the families of Ajose and Rabiu for making the occasion a success and memorable.

Behold! It was a journey that started from June 15th 2012, I never believed we would stand the test of tribulations till we made three years and made a surprise proposal on June 14th 2015. It was indeed a memorable kneel by the pool side that sticks forever in my Jewel’s memory!

Life and it’s shields of temptations, my jewel left for the white man’s land to further her educational career, but guess what, No lady ever want to be the Lord of the ring…

Read how it all began… http://blackboxmediaonline.blogspot.com/2015/06/how-i-scripted-my-marriage-proposal-and.html?m=1

But ours was a love made to defer the laws of distance as the Lord would make our relationship grow in strength, courage and live despite the distance… It’s amazingly unbelievable. Many threw discouraging words; big enough to ruin a life beyond just relationship, but true words from two hearts is always stronger than any!

Hmmmm, how long does it take to plan an engagement of over a thousand guests? Seven blessings on that day as the Ancient Romans would pray, for the Lord stands with those who sticks with Him in times of adversary and happiness! Who would plan a wedding without being financially buoyant and stable in the year of Buhari? Laughing? It’s real, we planned for 42days! Yes, it took just 42days or lesser to make 8.11.18 and 11.11.18 the days to remember our solemnity and unity.

Hey! We almost lost the beauty of the wedding, for other days in another year, but the Lord was solidly planning along as we do. The National Strike called by NLC nearly put our plans on hold making us grasp in fear of postponing our Registry at the Ikeja Local Government. Behold! We held up prayers overnight for the strike not to hold. Alas, we were vindicated to get married on 8th November 2018…you don’t wanna beat that!

8.11.18 was real, done and dusted – taken officially but yet, traditionally, we look ahead with the count of days. 10.11.18 at 11:59pm, sleep could not visit my eyes, anxiety gripped my heart as I could barely breathe upright. The day has come, I had to think again and tell God what I want for us after that day. I did my prayers with my heart about to be bursted, and something said; “you’ve made a choice for a lifetime, a choice you would never regret”. I later dozed off and woke at 5:00am, my alarm should have allowed me rest an hour more. Wale Abimbola and Bello Moshood were around to say early morning prayers with me. A surprise call came from Atebo AbdulAzeez – prayer rains from the hidden cleric unknown to many! I felt at rest and believed the day has come.

Bride’s parent, Mr and Mrs Daisi Ajose

Bride’s parent, Mr and Mrs Daisi Ajose

CeeWhy? Yeah, the photographer for the days… unknown to me had arrived before I laid off my bed. He was timely and DJ Dynamite, I was overwhelmed at their prompt arrival. What else would I asked from God than say; Alihamdulillahi ( Thank you Allah). My siblings were all around where I was needed and my friends never stood idle but ready to set things ablaze!

Groom’s parent, Me and Mrs Ganiu Rabiu

Groom’s parent, Me and Mrs Ganiu Rabiu

No appreciation will define my gratefulness. My utmost gratitude to Almighty God for making it real and to the families of Chief Daisi Ajose and Akinpelu’s, also Mr Ganiyu Rabiu and the other Rabiu family too (The Eketa’s of Ososa). Appreciation to Hon Babajimi Benson (MHR), Mayor Deen Sanwoola, Mrs Bose Odueke, The Canadian Family, Alhaji and Alhaja Onafeko, Engr and Barr Babasola, Alhaja Thairat Agunbiade, The Shittu’s and Otapo’s family, Alhaji & Alhaja Olohuntoyin Rabiu and Staff of Fatiat Stores, The Odubegun’s (Wera)and Ajayi Family, Alejo Family & Elepe family, The Bakare Family (The Lakoye’s), the Oduwole family, The entire Ogunbadejo family, the Shoyoye family, The Oluwole’s (Agbala) entire members of “The Glass House” – iCare members, Top-Guest Event Planners, CY Ent., DJ Dynamite, and our friends, Adewale Abimbola, Imam Yunus Mustapha, Olagbaju Mobola, Moshood & Rushidat Bello, Ojeyinka Yomi, Olatona Oghenekevwe, Balogun Abbey & Family, Princess Aderoju Ladega, Soneye Ayodele (LNSC) Mayor Obolo, Isaac Akpors, SM-S (BBN Media, MC Kaptain (Wasiu Dabiri) Abel Fashion, Mz Owokodu Kudi, Bojan, Shittu Luqman and others to mention but few for their love, support, courage and prayers.

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Happy belated birthday to us as I bagged another age on 8th of November while my wife also clocked additional year on 17th of November. As we were were being celebrated with joy and happiness, so shall our days and family be filled forever!

With Love
Yewis & Korweey


  1. Oduwole Tawakalt

    November 28, 2018 at 7:56 am

    Barakallah fihi bro..You deserve the best and indeed, God gave you the best of all..May Allaah bless the union

  2. Biggie

    November 28, 2018 at 8:08 am


  3. Shittu Lukmon Lusty

    November 28, 2018 at 12:51 pm

    Much more love I gat for you bro,HML in wealth and fruitful

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