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First Edition of Chinua Achebe’s ‘Things Fall Apart’ Sells For ₦1Million

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Here is a typical example of a classic literary work; written over 60 years ago at a time when European imperialism sought to include Africa as part of their colonial empires, listed among 100 Books to feature in ‘The Great American Read’ TV Series, named one of 12 novels considered “the Greatest Book Ever Written” on the list compiled by Encyclopaedia Britannica, known as Africa’s best known work of literature, translated into 50 languages, sold over 10m copies; not even once has it been out of print.


In case you are still taking the mouthful records in, do not ponder any further, the book with that kind of record remains Chinua Achebe’s ‘Things Fall Apart’ first published by William Heinemann Ltd in the year 1958 and still proofs relevant in the world of literature today.


BlackBox Nigeria gathered that the first edition of the book even after the demise of the author in 2013 is now limited and sold for a whooping One Million Naira (₦1 Million).


This was revealed on Twitter recently @lolashoneyin when she reached out to book enthusiasts on behalf of her friend who sells a copy for the aforementioned amount.


The shocker came when she further revealed that an anonymous already bought a copy.


Read her tweet below:

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