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Breaking! World Boxing Federation Reverses Anthony Joshua’s Victory Over Joseph Parker

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This might not be the best of time for Nigerian born British boxing Champion, Anthony Joshua as the World Boxing Federation some moments ago reversed the hard earned victory over Joseph Parker.

The Federation’s decision was hinged on two flaws by Anthony Joshua.  In a statement obtained by BlackBox Nigeria where the unanimous decision to award victory to Joshua was overturned, it was stated that the boxer made technical errors repeatedly by ignoring the bell outs.

Where is Anthony Joshua really from, Nigeria or Britain?

Where is Anthony Joshua really from, Nigeria or Britain?

The Boxing Federation said that on two instances, Joshua hit Joseph in the face after the refree has called for timeout.

The second reason the Boxing Federation deduced for its decision was Anthony Joshua’s Paternity dispute as the boxer could not specifically say if he is a Nigerian or British.

Controversial British Journalist, Piers Morgan also added his tweet to the debate stating Joshua was proud of his country but which?

Morgan’s tweet

Before the news of Joshua’s victory was upturned, Nigerians who believe Joshua is more Nigerian than British have been celebrating your falling for this classic April Fool.



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