My Refusal To Sing About Women’s Boobs And Bums Landed Me In Penury – King Wadada

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My Refusal To Sing About Women’s Boobs And Bums Landed Me In Penury – King Wadada


One time popular reggae singer, King Wadadahas disclosed that he became very broke and depressed after he did not succumb to the pressure of singing about women’s boobs and bums.

King Wadada who was a rave of the moment in the early 2000s and one-time winner of Kora Awards disclosed in a recent interview that he had bounced back with the help of his record label.

He said, “A few years ago, I was very broke but I thank God I am back, thanks to my record label, City Pride Entertainment. They were the ones that picked me up. When I was broke, it was really bad and I realised that money rules the world. That situation made me know that after Jesus, the next thing in this world is money. Without money, you are nothing.

“I was so broke that I went into depression. Even though I had my music, I had no money to showcase my talent. I had a lot of rich friends but they did not come to my aid because most people wanted me to sing about women’s bums. But I did not want to do so. I want to talk about God because that is the reason for my living. If you are in this life and you are not talking about God, then you are lost.

He also added that though women still come around him, he said he has made it an habit of converting them to Christians.

Women still swarm around me like before but I have converted every woman that is with me to Christianity. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and any woman that follows me must be a Christian. We have a great commission and that is to obey Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour in the right way. We have to preach the message because Christ would be with us till eternity; that is what the Bible says in Mathew 28: 19-20

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