Police Dismisses Top Officers, Yomi Shogunle, Dolapo Badmus, Others As Police Reforms Commence

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Police Dismisses Top Officers, Yomi Shogunle, Dolapo Badmus, Others As Police Reforms Commence


Updates reaching BlackBox Nigeria has it that the Nigeria Police has dismissed top officers from the Force for various human rights abuses.

The top officers dismissed so far includes; Ore Fakorede, a former OC of SARS, Rivers State, Yomi Shogunle, former Head of Police Complaint office, Dolapo Badmus, former Police Public Relations Officer among other named officers whose dismissal is said to be bothered on human rights abuses.

As at the time of filing this report, the Nigeria Police is yet to release an official statement as regards the dismissal, but tweets from Ayo O Akanji, who some quarters disclosed is an inside in the Force, revealed that the officers whose names he posted were among the dismissed, reprimanded and demoted officers.

He also noted that the action by the Nigeria Police Force is in response to the current #EndSARS protest which kicks against the brutality, extortion and extra judicial killings of Nigerians by some of the operatives of the Force.

Akanji also disclosed that 37 former members of the disbanded Special Anti Robbery Squad have been penciled down for dismissal while 24 others have been ordered for prosecution for various acts of misconduct

The announced officers include, Abdulhameed Awodi, AP No 119444, Erhabo Uwagbie, AP No 86180, Idolor Godsent, AP No 158580, Mustpha Abubakar, AP No 119167, Idoko, AP No 85036, Ilya Aliyu, AP 94982, Asabe Luke, AP No, 130296, Angela Akaro, AP No, 50829, Iyanda Olufemi AP No, 122857, Gajere Taluwai, AP No, 50569, Ehis Oba, AP No, 129595, Edem Michael, AP No, 1256967, Agha AMA, AP No, 119535, Yusuf Lateef, AP No, 36725, Eliaz Casmir, AP No 57688, Oluwafunmilola, AP No, 122864, Mkay Ali, AP No, 111702, Ado Doko, AP No, 46664, Sani Muhammad, AP No, 50679, Adamu Shaba, AP No, 140320, Adamu Bunu, AP No, 42565, Giade Sabo, AP No, 50579, Dattijo Abdullahi, AP No, 87072, Yahaya Shem, AP No, 86216, Tijani Richard, AP No, 46670, Nwamanna Nelson, AP No, 46675.

Abayomi Shogunle, AP No, 42056, Dominic Agasa, AP No, 120397, Nanbol Lado, AP No, 51071, Ogalgu Tochuckwu, AP No, 190655, Sanusi Rasaki, AP No, 57052, Fakorede Victor, AP No, 41985, Dolapo Badmos, AP No, 87058, Henry Kaboshio, AP No, 50431, Talba Mohammed, AP No, 119579, John Rotimi, AP 57622, Oviemuno Richard, AP No, 87501, Anonde Christopher, AP No, 90934, Godwin Agbo, AP No, 95853, Dr. Emmanuel Eze, AP No, 50282, Hassan Hamidu, AP No, 118063, Theresa Nuhu, 59661, Yisa Gana, AP No, 47717, Ekong Sunday, AP No, 63069, Oboh Irene, AP No, 145355, Okoukoin Daniel, AP No, 181311, Ogedegbe Abraham, AP, 86152.

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