Osinbajo Is Lying, I Have 11 Pictures Of Buhari That Will Cause Serious Problems- Fayose Fumes

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Controversial Governor of Ekiti State, Mr Ayodele Fayose has revealed that he is ready to release disturbing pictures of ailing President Muhammadu Buhari that will cause serious problems. His allegations is coming despite the visit of Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo

Governor Fayose disclosed in Abuja on Wednesday that the Acting President was only covering up for his principal by saying he was in good health.

He stated that despite Osinbajo’s visit to London, the Presidency failed to show Nigerians either pictures or short clip/video of the visit.

He said, “If care is not taking, I will release pictures and this will create serious problems for the country. The offices of the governors and the president are that which require work. If care is not taken, I will release about 11 pictures.”

“I’m not going to prove that to Nigerians. It is him (Osinbajo) who said he saw the President that needs to prove to Nigerians.”

“I have made the allegations and I have said it expressly that we are in the age of technology. So, we have an Acting President of a nation that has visited his boss that cannot show evidence of the meeting.”

“The pictures they are posting on social media are pictures taken long time ago. You recall that I said this again at Transcorp Hilton in 2015. We are talking about the President of 170 million people.”

“The Acting President visiting the President that has left this country for about 60 days or more cannot show evidence of the meeting. It shows the President is in a critical condition.”

“I wasn’t saying that we don’t want him to return, but the claim of the acting President is not true. In this age and time when we have the social media, we have everything to show that the government cannot be run by propaganda.”

“The fact is, the President is sick, incapacitated and he’s not in good condition. The acting President should show us pictures, short video of his meeting with the President . It is not in the interest of the country that the country will be run in deceit and propaganda.”

“The visit was diversionary and an attempt to divert the attention of the country. Both the President and his vice do not have what it takes to run the country.”

“As far as it is good to protect the interest of his boss, he should consider the interest of the people. We are no longer credit worthy. We cannot wait for a President that is incapacitated.”


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