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How a single tweet is transforming the career of this Nigerian singer

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There is a popular belief on microblogging platform, Twitter. It goes thus, “A single tweet can be the beginning of growth or destruction for one’s brand”. In the case of fast-rising Nigerian singer, Flowsure, a single tweet marked a life-changing moment for him.

It all started when the musician took to the streets of Lagos to promote his recently released single, ‘Gbe’. Nicely dressed and full of smiles, he held up a banner with the inscription: “Kindly stream my new song so I won’t disturb anyone for help. Check link on bio @flowsure_music”.

Unbeknownst to Flowsure, a popular tweep, Ayo Bankole Akintujoye, came across him and was impressed by his dedication to his craft.

Taking to his Twitter page on Tuesday, Akintujoye revealed that he streamed the song and thought to help the singer amplify it.

“So I saw this guy holding this banner up at Jakande in Lekki in a bid to promote his music himself in the best way he can & thought to help him amplify it. I streamed it & it isn’t bad music. Irrespective, one stream doesn’t kill anyone,” he tweeted.

Interestingly, the tweet sparked interest in the minds of Nigerians who immediately rushed to different music streaming platforms to download the song, with many acknowledging Flowsure’s talent and wishing him well in the music industry.

Reacting to the traction he has since gained, Flowsure, in an Instagram post, narrated how he began music professionally in 2009 with no sponsor or support system to project his works, but his passion for music kept him going.

The fast-rising singer said he never imagined that he would trend, saying all he wanted to do was to promote his craft.

“The person who discovered me isn’t someone I know. He saw my struggles, understood it and then appreciated it by posting. Thanks to this generous man @ayobankolee who have no idea of how I look yet, took it upon himself to help amplify this. Won’t take this for granted sir,” the post read in part.

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