Coronavirus: Agboyi-Ketu Takes Lead To Distribute Sanitizers, Dispensers To Schools In Lagos

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As efforts to contain the deadly coronavirus are being intensified across the world, Agboyi-Ketu Local Council Development Area is revving up its own plans. According to information made available to BlackBox Nigeria, the Chairman of the LCDA, Mayor Dele Oshinowo is set to inaugurate an emergency committee, distribute sanitizers and dispensers to schools in the LCDA.

“In furtherance of the determination of the Mayor Dele Oshinowo administration to ensure the present state of hygienic life enjoyed by Agboyi-Ketu residents are maintained, the LCDA has intensified more plans.

“The plans are the inauguration of a public health emergency committee, and distribution of hand sanitizers to schools in the LCDA.”

According to the Medical Officer of Health of the locality, Dr. Adeleke Awolesi,”the plans of the LCDA will ensure the formulation of new strategies in the management of outbreaks and other emergencies, as well as the opening of a new chapter to provide hygienic preventive actions against several diseases.”

The inauguration of committee and distribution are scheduled to take place on March 6, 2020 at the Chairman’s office.

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