REJOINDER: CNN’s Amanpour didn’t invite rising music talent, Salle, for interview

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Facts have emerged following viral reports that 17-year-old talented street-hawker-turned-musician, Salle, was invited by celebrity TV presenter, Christiane Amanpour for an interview on Cable News Network (CNN).

This claim was according to a tweet by an account claiming to be the teenager’s, saying she got a surprised call from American superstar, Rihanna.

The tweet, which reads ,“I got a call from Rihanna” was supposedly replied by Amanpour with, “Salle you are a star and an inspiration to the world. Will you kindly accept an invitation to tell your story on my show?”

Several platforms (including BlackBox Nigeria) had erroneously reported the development.

A picture showing the viral tweets.

But a thorough check on Amanpour’s Twitter page shows that she made no such tweet. The viral picture showing the supposed tweet was doctored. Even the singer’s supposed Twitter account is fake, according to our findings.

Against this background, we are retracting the initial the story and deleting the article from our platforms, news websites and our various social media pages. We do apologise to our readers for the misinformation.

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