Despite being dead, local pimp wins assembly seat in the US

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Despite being dead, local pimp wins assembly seat in the US

Dennis Hof was found dead after wild celebrations of his 72nd birthday

As odd as the news sounds, this is absolutely true as a dead brothel owner, Dennis Hof has won a state assembly seat in Nevada in the concluded midterm elections in the United States of America.
According to local media, Dennis Hof who was the Republican candidate defeated his Democratic party rival, Lesia Romanov.

Hof died last month in the cause of celebrating his 72nd birthday. His body was found on October 16th at his Love Ranch. He owned several brothels, a strip club and was in the business of sponsoring women of easy virtue, a trade he did legally. He was an open supporter of US President, Donald Trump and was also a reality TV star.

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BlackBox Nigeria gathered that as at the time of Mr Hof’s death, it was too late to substitute a candidate as the ballot papers had been printed and distributed. This means that the Republican Party will now meet to determine who will be nominated to fill his position.

Dennis Hof was a man of many sides most notably a pimp, brother owner and a strip club operator. By the time of his death a couple of weeks ago, it was too late to substitute his name for someone else

Dennis Hof’s campaign manager, Chuck Muth in his excitement made jest of the Democratic party contestant jabbing him about being defeated from the “great beyond”.

Dennis Hof

“My man Dennis Hof crushed his opponent from the great beyond,” Muth tweeted.

The midterm elections didn’t end without some upsets as Democrats have taken over control of the house from the Republicans.

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