Information Minister, Lai Muhammed denies threatening Israel

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Information Minister, Lai Muhammed denies threatening Israel

Lai Mohammed claims he wasn’t even in the country when the reports came out…

Nigeria’s information Minister, Alhaji Laid Mohammed has debunked reports making the rounds that he threatened that Nigeria will attack Israel if they fail to repatriate estranged IPOB leader, Nnamdi KANU back to the country.
According to news which has remained in the fore in the last couple of days, the minister was reported to have said Nigeria will send missiles to Israel unless they return Nnamdi KANU who dramatically disappeared during a military intervention against the agitation of IPOB under his leadership.

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Reacting to the issue, Alhaji Lai Mohammed disclosed that he was away outside the country when he heard news of Kanu’s sudden appearance in Israel. He said he was further shocked when he read reports that he had issued a statement threatening the historical nation.
“I was in London when I heard the story about Nnamdi Kanu resurfacing in Israel. I was not in a position to make any statement,” Lai Mohammed reacted.
He spoke further “before I knew it, within a few hours, I saw my picture with a story saying that I had actually given Israel an ultimatum to return Nnamdi Kanu otherwise, we will send them missiles.
“I just laughed. It speaks to what we are talking about fake news because it is probably the biggest threat in the run-up to the elections.”

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