English for Today (October 11, 2018) by Ganiu Abisoye (GAB)

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English for Today (October 11, 2018)  by Ganiu Abisoye (GAB)

You’re a genius if you don’t spell one of these wrong as a Nigerian:

1. Forty (not, fourty)
2. Continuous (not, continous)
3. Maintenance (not, maintainance)
4. Occasion (not, occassion)
5. Genuine (not, geniune)
6. Handiwork (not, handiwork)
7. Auxiliary (not, auxillary)
8. Privilege (not, priviledge)
9. A lot (not, alot)
10. Onomatopoeia (not, onomatopia)

Say: He woos every lady around him.
Not: He toasts every lady around him.
Ganiu Abisoye Bamgbose
Academic Advisor, Distance Learning Centre, University of Ibadan;
Doctoral student of English, University of Ibadan.

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