Letter to my beloved husband on his birthday By Nurat Temitope Durojaiye

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Letter to my beloved husband on his birthday By Nurat Temitope Durojaiye

My dear friend, partner, lover, confidant and strength Durojaiye Akeem Olalekan Olasunkanmi, 5 years of courtship, 4 years of marriage, that’s how long we’ve been with one another. It feels like a lifetime, so much have changed in the years we’ve been together complementing and acting as one another’s confidant and strength.

We also have had our times of trials and tribulations, we still do but despite the trials, the depth of our love has made us conquer. You gave me the cherished gift of your love, you gave me strength and support in my time of pains and loneliness. My honeycomb, the kind of feelings and satisfaction I get in your company can not be verbalized or put to words.

Sometimes I imagine some of the things you have to bear to make things work and I concluded I could not have been married to a better and amazing man than Olasunkanmi temi nikan.

I love my Olasunkanmi more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow. You are my entire world, I love you more than I can ever find a way to explain to you and I seriously would not mind if you just grabbed my face and kissed me so I can see your super cute look when you smile.

On your birthday and always, I beseech the Almighty Allah to overlook your shortcomings and bless you with nearness to Him. You shall continue to be in His good book and remain among the most favoured human beings on earth. As long as the Sun rises every day, you will continue to move upward on the ladder of success. Nobody born of a woman shall be able to truncate the journey of your life abruptly. You shall continue to rise and shine every new day to the amazement of everybody. Your enemies shall have no choice but to kiss your feet finally. Keep on succeeding my everyday crush.

Happy birthday to you my dearest husband, and keep aging in Allah’s unending Rahmah and Afiyah.

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