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Nigerian Reggae legend, Ras Kimono is dead

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Nigerian Reggae legend, Ras Kimono is dead

Ras Kimono is dead

Legendary Nigerian reggae musician, Ras Kimono is dead BlackBox Nigeria has learnt. He died today, June 10, 2018.

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Born Ekeleke Elumelu, Ras Kimono was a popular music figure in the late 80s and 90s dishing out dance hall and reggae hits which made him a household name.
With top songs like, ‘Under Pressure’, ‘Rumbar Stylee’ etc, Ras was a king in his own right in the genre which at the time had the likes of Majek Fashek.

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“When people attribute recklessness to youthful exuberance, I get worried because I once passed through that stage too. I believe it is all about your upbringing. The fact that you are young doesn’t mean you should be wayward,” Ras Kimono once disclosed in an interview.
He was reported to have complained about not feeling too well yesterday which made him canc l his trip to the US to get some rest.
While the cause of death of the veteran music star is yet to be known, BBN has further gathered that some of the late musician’s colleagues are currently meeting to discuss how to go about his burial.

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