Tinubu’s Acme Statement And Need For Youth Involvement In Lagos Politics By Hamzat Jimoh

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Tinubu’s Acme Statement And Need For Youth Involvement In Lagos Politics By Hamzat Jimoh

As an unrelenting advocate of youth participation in the scheme of governance, leadership and strategic decision ambiance, i wish to posit that the submissions of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the APC stakeholders meeting on Tuesday 24th April 2018, is a furtherance of the need to amplify the injection of the youth into the scheme of governance and leadership.

Asiwaju’s proverbial inclination in parenthesis was an eye opener and a long awaited clarion call to the party leadership of APC that innovations, newness, fresher thoughts and practices must be admitted into the mega party.

Concomitantly, there is a need for the younger active generation to reset our mindset and dislodge our brains of any sense of entitlement. We are never entitled to anything, rather we must be actively involved in every sphere of leadership call. From our immediate homes to our places of worship and including at ward levels of chosen political parties of each and everyone of us.

Need I emphasise here that knowledge is a rescuer of one’s self from irrelevance. Suffice to say that we must devote our energy and capacity towards acquiring knowledge. This acquired knowledge must be reinvested heavily into entrepreneurship, investments and emphatically reinvested. This is the only way to be financially ready for the task ahead. Else we will be seen as mere “runners” who are not ready for the mantle.

Our everyday affairs must be philanthropic in nature. A little gift of your immediate excess is enough to serve humanity.

As we approach 2019, a year of the true reflection of youthful participation in decision, I wish all contemporaries in the struggle for youth involvement a success filled processes.

Hamzat jimoh B.sc, Acipmn, Pdhr, Mitp, LLB (in view)
Ohun Ikorodu

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