Monica: OAU 5 rounds of sex for marks victim finally revealed

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Monica: OAU 5 rounds of sex for marks victim finally revealed

Meet Monica Osagie, the MBA student requested to sleep with a lecturer 5 times to get a pass

  • She is bleaching expert and vlogger

  • How she tried reporting Professor Akindele to appropriate authorities before making the recording

  • Monica reveals she is ready to face OAU fact finding panel

Perhaps in recent times the most intriguing sex scandal involving a lecturer and his student, the Obafemi Awolowo University impropriety of a Don has remained in the minds of many Nigerians with many wondering what the country’s higher institutions of learning have been turned into.

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It would be recalled that a few weeks ago, a telephone conversation between an OAU lecturer identified as Professor Richard Akindele and an unnamed student was leaked. The leaked audio exposed the the Professor who is also an acclaimed reverend openly soliciting for sex from the unidentified female student.

Professor Richard Akindele, the exposed Don.

He discourteously requested to sleep with the female five different times before upgrading her from her 33 marks which is a ‘F’ to 40 marks which will elevate her to a meagre pass.
The leaked audio quickly went viral with many condemning the Don’s “shameless” act while calling for his head on a platter of morality.
While the school authorities have since waged into the matter and promptly suspended Professor Akindele, the lady at the center of the entire scandal who until recently was anonymous has refused to show up to tell her side of the story.
BlackBox Nigeria has however gotten wind of her identity. The lady is identified as a certain Monica Osagie, an MBA student of the respected citadel.

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Further checks by BlackBox Nigerian revealed that the lady in the eye of the storm, Monica Osagie is a bleaching and skin expert who has since upgraded her craft to making YouTube videos to promote her products.

Monica Osagie is a bleaching expert and vlogger

Furthermore, contrary to claims by the University that Ms Osagie has refused to appear before its committee to prove her claims in the leaked audio, the cosmetologist has revealed that she was never approached officially to appear.
In a statement by Dr. Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi, a gender activist who is representing Monica, the victim twice tried reporting the promiscuous Professor to two other lecturers in the Faculty of Administration and Accounting but was left dissapointed. This was what made her do the recording as a means of gathering evidence.

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Monica Osagie has however also disclosed that she is ready to appear before any panel if “duly invited”.
BlackBox Nigeria shall keep you updated on developments…

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