Let Me Fail, Student Tells OAU Professor Demanding Five Rounds Of S*x To Pass Her

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A Professor from the Department of Accounting, Reverend Akindele Richard who was allegedly caught on tape demanding for sex from a female student in exchange for marks.

What makes this situation disturbing is that the lecturer didn’t even ask to do it once, but a whopping five times!

Richard, who until now was a notable lecturer, was recorded asking a student, Enitan, for sex.


The student was one in his department who unfortunately got an F in his course which would mean a carry over meaning she would have to repeat the course next year.


In a bid to avoid this, Enitan attempted to talk to her lecturer and his compromise was he be allowed to sleep with her five times after which he would change her score to an E.

To escape the situation, the student claimed to be on her period which was the plan to put off the lecturer from going through with his odd requst.

In the Audio recording, the student claimed that she had been with her boyfriend earlier which was why she was unable to talk properly. The two then proceeded to engage in a back and forth.

Eventually she admitted that she was no longer on her period, she also stealthily called his name on the phone, presumably for the recording, he asked her not to do so again.

He then stated that he would be in his office at around 5pm on the day and that she was to come to the office for them to have their dalliance. He then stated that he’d do it again the day after and 3 more times before she got her marks.

You can listen to the leaked audio below

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