“Those accusing my brother of fraud are mischief makers”, Kweme monarch speaks out

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“Those accusing my brother of fraud are mischief makers”, Kweme monarch speaks out

“My brother didnt fraudulently acquire our father’s properties” -Oba Sejiro Olalekan James

Oba Sejiro Olalekan James, Okiki Arolagbade II, the Oba of Kweme Kingdom in Badagry West LCDA has reacted to the news going round about his brother, Prince Semasa Kolade James who was accused of fraudulently taking possession of their father’s properties as the work of mischief makers. He made this known to news men at his Palace yesterday 27 March, 2018.

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“It is very unfortunate that some mischief makers and enemies of peace are trying to soil the good name of our family. They want to use us against ourselves because this is a clear case of divide and rule and it is very sad that their major target is the unifying factor of our family.
“Prince Kola has been trying all in his capacity to uphold the family and God has truly been using him as our major rallying point since the demise of our father. He could decide to face his own nuclear family because he is very comfortable but he has been playing a fatherly role to all of us. It is so sad that someone would try to drag his name into the mud because of greed. 

“Friends and associates of our late father have been calling me since this cheap blackmail flooded the internet because they know Prince Kola has been making millions and running his own independent business successfully even long before the death of our father. I want to assure everyone concerned, especially the good people of Kweme Kingdom that there is no cause for alarm. It is a family issue and we will settle internally. We will not give room for anyone to embarrass our brother or tear us apart” Oba James said.
It was further gathered from the monarch that at the time their late father passed on, his estate was on zero account, most documents were in the bank and Prince Kolade Semasa James retrieved the documents and built the estate from nothing to something. Oba Sejiro James stressed that Prince Kolade has been instrumental to the reclamation of most of their father’s properties. He said Prince Kolade single handedly sued the Lagos State Government and reclaimed 250 acres of land for the family. After the demise of our father, prince kolade ensured that all his younger siblings completed their education according to the will of their late father.
Oba Sejiro stressed that his brother, Prince Kolade does not deserve all the false accusations especially from his own siblings. He said the family of Late Oba Afolabi Ogungbe James owes Prince Kolade a sincere and public apology. He further warned that the matter was already a court issue and the media should be careful with reports flying about.


  1. Shewa

    March 28, 2018 at 5:41 pm

    You people should stop posting fake news, kabiyesi is my brother and he knows damn well that Brother kola, defrauded the family! Many of the siblings paid their way through school them selves …many of us faced the faith of almost being kicked out of school severally due to late payment….while he always told us there is no money, because he was busy using money and properties meant for us for his family vacations, his children’s ridiculously expensive school fees…and to do ‘big man’ in the society!
    He dug his own grave by refusing to step down when 25 children insisted that they do not want him to be an administrator anymore! We have proof of all the papers of his forgery, and evident of siphoning money from our fathers estate…we have all the bank statements! He never helped anyone! He always treated everyone like we were all irrelevant nobodies …..kabiyesi can open his mouth and talk nonsense because of the crumbs brother kola gives him, selling your birth right for crumbs! Kabiyesi is not a credible man! All he has is that crown on his head! If he doesn’t want all his dirty linen aired in public! He should just shut up even if he won’t stand for what is right and just!
    And as for your blog! I’d report this post to the police station and to the SFU…because this is again the government! And I’d make sure you’re taking down ! If you know what is good for you better take down this post, if you don’t want to share the wrath of God with kola and Sejiro!

  2. Shewa

    March 28, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    I can’t even believe this was a man I was once close to, looked up to and respected! Not anymore! You have to be evil to support evil!

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