Mass Failure Rocks Arena Games At BBNaija House As Angel Emerges Victorious

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Mass Failure Rocks Arena Games At BBNaija House As Angel Emerges Victorious


It was another evening filled with activities for housemates of the Big Brother Naija 3 as they all came out with hopes of having lucks at the end of the Arena Games.

The housemates were made to pass through some hurdles then move on to arrange four pieces of puzzle, each housemate was expected to use it to form a shape, a right angle triangle.
The task however became an herculean one when the trio of Leo, BamBam and Miracle exhausted the time given, 10mins and were unable to fix the puzzle. The struggle continued with Princess and Tobi as they were also unable to arrange the puzzle correctly by the time the time elapsed.

Luck was restored in the Arena when Teddy A correctly arranged the puzzle in after spending 01:50secs. But he was soon overthrown by Angel who finished the task on a record time of 00:50secs.

Anto also correctly arranged the puzzle in good time of to emerge the first female housemate to complete the task, before Alex and Nina joined the league of housemates who correctly finished the task.

The Arena Games ended with over 50% of the housemates failing to complete the given task. While victorious Angel was promised a retreat on Saturday, others who were unable to complete were told to anticipate their ‘reward.’

See full result below…

Angel – 00:50

Dee-One – 01:41

Teddy A – 01:50

Anto – 02:36

Rico – 05:40

Nina – 08:36

Leo – 10:00

BamBam – 10:00

Miracle – 10:00

Princess – 10:00

Tobi – 10:00

Ahneeka – 10:00

Vandora – 10:00

K.Brule – 10:00


Khloe – 10:00

Lolu – 10:00

Cee C – 10:00


Ifu Ennada – 10:00

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