I Don’t Have Anything Against Fulani And Herdsmen, But…-Governor Fayose Reveals

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I Don’t Have Anything Against Fulani And Herdsmen, But…-Governor Fayose Reveals


Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State have disclosed that he has nothing against the Fulani tribe and also the herdsmen.

He however added that his own State, Ekiti will not surrender any of it’s land for the purpose of grazing, as it is been stated by the proposed Grazing Law.

Governor Fayose’s reaction is coming days after some yet to be arrested Fulani herdsmen gruesomely attacked residents of Benue State over disagreement on the Anti-Grazing Law recently signed into practice by Governor Samuel Ortom.

Fayose, who recently disclosed that he is still running for 2019 Presidency, admonished nomadic herdsmen to buy lands and use it for cattle colony, instead of taking it forcefully from farmers and other residents.

He said, “I don’t have anything against the Fulanis & the herdsmen among them. But let me state it expressly that Ekiti will not surrender its land for cattle colony.Cattle farming is a business and it is the duty of business owners to get tools. Does govt build ponds for fish farmers?”

He also highlighted the importance of ranching to include diary cultivation which he said will generate more revenue and reduce Nigeria’s importation of mil.

With ranching, cattle farmers will make more money, especially from milk and those who will cultivate grass to sell to cattle farmers will also make money. Those countries where we import milk do not get the milk through nomadic cows.”

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