Watch Viral Video Showing SARS Operatives Battering Unidentified Man

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Watch Viral Video Showing SARS Operatives Battering Unidentified Man


SARS: Special anti robbery squad are now doing the robbery in Nigeria. SARS that were created to stop robbery are now robbing people,” says influential Twitter user, Uncle Ajala — and he’s not alone.

As Nigerians continue to clamour against the inhumane activities of operatives of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, different experiences and videos have been emerging, showing the high handedness of the special arm of the Police Force.

Among such video is a scene where a man suspected to be under arrest was being battered by the officials of SARS. In the scene, some sympathisers who tried to come to rescue were also beaten alongside the unidentified man.

See below for the video…

Another video obtained by BlackBox Nigeria had a scene where a yet-to-be-identified officer was battering a young man in a church premises. The officer got engrossed in beating the arrested man to the extent of handing over his official rifle to a complete stranger, a member of the church while he put handcuffs on the said suspect.

After cuffing the suspect, the lone officer then collected back his rifle from the church member as he assisted the suspect on a waiting motorcycle who then drove them out of the church environment.

See below for the video…


However, the Police Public Relation Officer, Mr Jimoh Moshood in responding to the online campaign has disclosed that the people behind the #EndSARS campaign were armed robbers who want the Police arm to be shut down in order to continue with their criminal acts.

The Police spokesperson on Sunday evening said Nigerians calling out the operatives of SARS were indeed criminals who are afraid of the wrath of the Police as they are being clamped upon.

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