Woli Arole dumps Asiri comedy

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Woli Arole dumps Asiri comedy

Woli Arole and Asiri are set to take on different roles in ‘The Call’

In recent times Nigerians have gotten used to the duo of comic acts, Woli Arole and Asiri comedy but they will be missing them as the duo have decided to go apart.

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Don’t get this twisted however, there is no bad blood between Arole real names Oluwatoyin Bayegun and his buddy, Asiri but they won’t be playing the team role people have come to know them for as Arole’s first feature movie gets set for filming.

L-R: Asiri, Arole, James Abinibi, Felix Olojede (Producer)

At a Press Conference on Friday in Lagos, fast rising movie director, James Abinibi disclosed that cinema lovers are in for something different as Arole will be playing a the role of a misfit who however gets called spiritually.

Arole will however be playing the role alongside Samuel Ajibola who is better known for ‘The Johnsons’ where he plays Spiff.

Samuel Ajibola

The movie features veteran stars, Segun Arinze, Hafeez Oyetoro, Yinka Quadri and younger stars like Asiri, Ebiye and comedienne, Etinosa Idemudia.

The Call’ tells the story of “Arole and his merry band of never-do-well friends get into yet another problem after he loses an expensive antic clock belonging to a powerful retired general in the community.

In his hustle to raise money to refund the angry impatient general, he discovers his new talent and soon realizes that with great power comes great responsibility.”

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